The calm answer to the question, ‘If gay people can get married, what about polygamy?’

Looking for a reasonable response to people who are concerned about gay people getting married? Here’s one. – Adam Mordecai

“Of course, if you marry your kitchen appliances, what are people going to get you as a shower gift?”
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Psychologist who trains cops to shoot first, ask questions later makes big money at their trials

A behavioral psychologist who trains law enforcement officers to shoot first and deal with the consequences later is profiting mightily when they go to trial and he is…
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Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice

I often say how the Disparities in Health in America: Working Toward Social Justice Workshop is a life altering experience. But it is really nice to have someone else talk about what a wonderful experience and wishing to be invited back to participate. Over the years, we have had hundreds of speakers, and I must say that the vast majority have specifically asked to come back and participate.
Jovonni R. Spinner, Public Health Advisor at the Food and Drug Administration/Office of Minority Health, recently authored a blog on behalf of FDA’s Office of Minority Health that highlighted the HDEART Workshop and why I believe this it continues to be an important cog in the fight for health equity.
Lovell A. Jones, Ph.D., F.H.D.R
Associate Dean For Research
Prairie View A & M University College of Nursing

Research Faculty
College of Science & Engineering
Texas A&M University Corpus Christi

Professor Emeritus
University of Texas Distinguished Teaching Professor
University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center

Professor Emeritus
University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

Executive Director
Health Disparities, Education, Awareness, Research & Training (HDEART)

Co-Founder, Intercultural Cancer Council (ICC)
Chair, Board of Directors, Children and Neighbors Defeat Obesity (CAN DO) Houston


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Kim Royster’s promotion to chief will make her highest-ranking black woman in NYPD history.

Grio fam, do you think this signals a new era for the force?

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Thousands Living In Public Housing While Making Incomes Above Eligibility Requirement, Government Audit Finds

A recent audit of the Department of Housing and Urban Development found that the agency is providing low-income housing to families making incomes too high to qualify.

More than 25,000 families were found to be living in the rent-subsidized properties while making incomes above the maximum limit, WSB News reports. Meanwhile, more than half a million families remain on waiting lists looking for a place to stay.

A Massachusetts family was found living in public housing, paying only $525 a month in rent, while making more than $212,000 a year.

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This Man Not Only Invented The Gas Mask But Rescued 32 Men During An Explosion With It

Listen to podcast here! Garrett Morgan was an African American inventor, businessman and newspaper founder from Cleveland, OH who is best known for inventing, the gas mask, the traffic light, gas mask an invention called the Morgan safety hood and the smoke protector. He sold the patent for the traffic light to the rights to his traffic signal to the General Electric Corporation for $40,000. Shortly before his death in 1963, Garrett Morgan was award

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Garrett Morgan – Biography The son of former slaves, Garrett Morgan was born in Paris, Kentucky on March 4, 1877. His early childhood was spent attending school…
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McConnell: We Can’t Afford To Fund Highways Unless We Cut Benefits For Seniors And The Disabled

One of the most embarrassing failures of Congress over the last few years has been their complete inability to fund the federal highway system- or any other…
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