As the labor market changes, Congress is nowhere to be found


Thursday afternoon the National Labor Relations Board handed down a long-awaited decision that could affect millions of people in the American workforce: Workers at franchise operations like McDonald’s and Subway can consider the parent company a “joint employer,” and collectively bargain with the bigger company along with whoever owns the franchise.
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Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy gunned down in the line of duty tonight.

Our prayers go out to the family of the Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy that was gunned down tonight.

Our law enforcement officials make the ultimate sacrifice too often.

Pray for all of our 1st responders and law enforcement officials.

Carroll G. Robinson

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Kangaroo court in Waco: No reason needed to arrest packing pastor with CCL


Gun ownership is on trial in Waco, so why aren’t the NRA and all the open-carry advocates going nuts over what’s happening regarding prosecutions from the the Twin Peaks biker massacre?

In McLennan County, visiting Judge James Morgan ruled after an examining trial that there was sufficient cause to have arrested a 65-year old concealed carry permit holder who wasn’t wearing a biker cut but a Christian t-shirt (he’s chaplain to the Bandidos and two veterans groups) because he was carrying legal personal weapons. The judge declared there was probable cause to support an arrest even though no police “officer could offer evidence that Yager conspired to commit murder, assault or any crime that day” Like everyone else arrested that day, Yager’s bail was initially set at $1 million.

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How Illegal Pot Growers are Destroying California’s Ecosystems, and the One Simple Solution

By Justin Gardner on August 26, 2015


How-Illegal-Pot-Growers-are-Destroying-California's-Ecosystems,-and-the-One-Simple-SolutionOver the past year, there has been increased attention on an unfortunate side-effect of the growing demand for cannabis.  With demand comes supply, and that supply is threatening already fragile ecosystems in northern California.

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Civil rights activist Amelia Boynton Robinson dies at 104:


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ICYMI: Iconic Houston surgeon Dr. ‘Red’ Duke dies


Iconic Houston surgeon Dr. ‘Red’ Duke dies

Robert Seale

Dr. James “Red” Duke Jr. delivered homespun advice on national TV and founded Life Flight. He was 86.

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10-Years After Katrina and 5-Years After a Drainage Fee Election, Where are We Now?

Vote for Carroll G. Robinson, Controller, City of Houston

Vote for Carroll G. Robinson, Controller, City of Houston

Ten years after Katrina and five years after the city’s Drainage Fee election, Houston is still not fully prepared for an Hurricane.

We still need more public education on sheltering in place versus evacuation, routes and destinations.

We need a plan that goes beyond just a discuss on an Ike Dike to building high and dry routes, using Metro buses to evacuate or relocating senior citizens and those without a vehicle of their own. Arrangements for drivers’ families nuts be made now.

The recent flooding on Bray’s Bayou made clear that we still need to focus on equipment, training, command and control and communication and coordination among local public safety agencies.

We need to expand and enhance our public safety camera infrastructure network like Chicago has done to help not only prevent crime and illegal dumping but to also help ensure public safety during a natural or man made disaster.

We have to fix the potholes in our streets and much more.

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