GOP Senate candidate describes mass murder as an ‘unfortunate accident’

Iowa Republican Senate candidate Joni Ernst

Iowa Republican Joni Ernst was asked Thursday about a campaign ad in which she’s shown shooting guns while a voiceover talks about “unloading” on Obamacare. Asked if she would change the ad following the recent mass shooting at UC Santa Barbara, Ernst’s answer included a word choice that was, let’s say … unfortunate:

VA whistleblower says officials tried to silence him

Brian Turner, a Department of Veterans Affairs employee who reported fraudulent scheduling practices in Austin and San Antonio, said Friday that VA officials attempted to stop him from speaking publicly, pinned blame on low-level scheduling clerks and conspired to cover up his allegations by falsely telling the media he had recanted.

VA Makes Land Purchase for New National Cemetery in Western New York

May 30, 2014

WASHINGTON – The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has purchased land in New York for a new national cemetery in the Buffalo – Rochester area of Western New York.

VA plans to construct the cemetery in Pembroke, N.Y., on a 132-acre property located at 1232 Indian Falls Road. The property has access off Exit #48A from the I-90 NY Thruway. The facility will serve more than 96,000 Veterans and family members within a 75-mile radius of the property. The closest national cemetery is Bath National Cemetery in Bath, N.Y., about 86 miles away.

Caracas Goes Thirsty as Taps Run Dry and Bottles Vanish

By Corina Pons and Nathan Crooks  May 30, 2014 1:54 PM CT

Photographer: Timothy Fadek/Bloomberg

A man looks for items in a refrigerator at a store in Caracas.
Residents of the Venezuelan capital of Caracas, who already struggle to find toilet paper and deodorant, are facing a new shortage — drinking water.

How ‘data brokers’ are striking gold

A growing number of “data brokers” are raking in profits by scouring through the Internet to build profiles of consumers.

By looking at purchasing histories, social media pages and more, the brokers can piece together pictures of individual consumers that can help companies target their advertising with great precision.

National Black Church Boycotts NPR Over “Tell Me More” Cancelation

National Black Church Boycotts NPR Over “Tell Me More” Cancelation

The National Black Church Initiative is encouraging its members to boycott NPR over the cancellation of “Tell Me More”, a show geared toward black viewers. As Your Black World reported, NPR announced that it would end broadcasts of the weekday program on Aug. 1 and eliminate 28 positions as part of a larger effort to […]

Father Who Threw Daughter in River Says She’s in a Better Place Now

Father Who Threw Daughter in River Says She’s in a Better Place Now

A New Jersey man who threw his daughter in a river while she was still strapped in her car seat admits that he is sorry for the break up with the girl’s mother, but did not apologize for mυrdering his own child. Arthur Morgan III was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday for tossing […]


Arsenio Hall’s Show is gone after just one season

May 31, 2014

April Taylor According to the Los Angeles Times, CBS Television Distribution is reporting that “The Arsenio Hall Show” has been canceled after just one season.  The show debuted last November, and news of the shows cancellation comes as a shock because the announcement comes just three months after it was announced that the show had […]

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High School Diplomas Are Almost Useless but College Is Ridiculously Expensive

By: Krystle Crossman College is expensive. The tuition rates climb higher and higher every year and the financial aid becomes harder to get. Unfortunately the sobering reality is that those who can’t afford to go to college will be stuck making much less over the course of their lifetime than if they had gone to […]

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Internal emails show VA docs directed to falsify appointment dates

By Jeremy Schwartz

American-Statesman Staff

Newly obtained internal Department of Veterans Affairs emails show that Central Texas VA doctors were directed to alter their scheduling requests for critical medical screenings in an attempt to make wait times appear shorter than they really were.

Printouts of the emails were mailed to the American-Statesman this week by an anonymous VA employee, who echoed allegations made earlier this month by former VA physician Dr. Joseph Spann, who said the orders to input false request dates came from the radiology department at Temple’s Olin Teague Veterans Medical Center. Spann verified the authenticity of these latest emails.

This Little Boy Cries during his performance, then blows the audience away

This Little Boy Cries during his performance, then blows the audience away

Everyone would experience some kind of stage fright if performing in front of Simon Cowell.  This 9-year old boy from London felt the same anxiety that the rest of us might feel, and it brought him to tears.  His mother was on the side for him when he performed and comforted him part of the […]

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Did You Know Memorial Day Was Started by Ex-Slaves?

Did You Know Memorial Day Was Started by Ex-Slaves?

One of the things that most black people know is that the public school system does a horrible  job teaching black history. They will gladly tell you all the wonderful things that white people did and maybe even go back to Europe, but the contributions of African Americans are kept entirely on the backburner. A […]

Vancouver Teacher Makes Students Pay to Use Bathroom

By: Krystle Crossman A Vancouver, Washington teacher is under fire from parents for her unusual bathroom policy. They feel that it is not right and that the teacher has no authority to do what she is doing. The teacher has made this up as part of a lesson plan for her students, perhaps to teach […]

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2 Million People Filed Bankruptcy In 2013 Due to Medical Debt, Here’s How to Fix That

May 26, 2014

Reported by April Taylor According to a recent study conducted by Nerd Wallet Health that analyzed data from the Centers for Disease Control, the federal court system, and the Commonwealth Fund, found that unpaid medical bills are the number one reason American’s file for bankruptcy. Nearly 2 million people filed bankruptcy in 2013 for this […]

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Why Are Defendants Charged For Services That Are Constitutionally Required?

Reported  by April Taylor NPR recently conducted a one year investigation into court costs and fees incurred by people convicted of crimes. They interviewed more than 150 lawyers, judges, offenders, government officials, and advocates, and what they found is unnerving. What is most unnerving about their findings is the disproportionate impact legal fines and fees […]

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Mother Livid at Her Daughter Being Forced to Urinαte in Trash Can During Lockdown

Mother Livid at Her Daughter Being Forced to Urinαte in Trash Can During Lockdown

By Andrew Scot Bolsinger A mother is outraged after her daughter, a second grader at a Las Vegas elementary school, was forced to urinαte in front of her classmates while the school was on lock-down, according to published reports. Fox reports that Shay Jones said her daughter, a student at Ruth Fyfe Elementary School, was […]

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