Google just upped the pressure on Microsoft with a bunch of dirt cheap Chrome computers


Google has opened the floodgates on cheap Chrome devices, announcing three brand-new ways you can use a browser-only PC without breaking the bank —from a tiny stick that plugs into an HDMI port to a laptop that flips over to become a tablet to $149 computers that are cheaper than most smartphones.

With today’s announcements, Google wants to show that no matter what you need a computer for, Google can meet those needs for a much lower price than Microsoft’s Windows partners or Apple’s Macs.

So far, that strategy seems to be working pretty well, which is one reason why Chromebook models have been top selling laptops on Amazon for the last two holiday seasons running.

Here are all the new devices Google unveiled today.

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President Obama grants reprieve to 22 men and women who would have died behind bars

JIM WATSON via Getty Images

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama commuted the sentences of 22 individuals on Tuesday, more than doubling the number of commutations he has issued in the six-plus years he’s been in office.

The men and women granted the reprieves had been imprisoned under an “outdated sentencing regime,” the administration concluded. Eight of the 22 inmates had been sentenced to life imprisonment and would have died behind bars.

The gas line to destroyed East Village building was illegally tapped

NEW YORK — More than seven months before an explosion and fire leveled three apartment buildings in Manhattan’s East Village, utility workers discovered that the gas line to a restaurant in one of them had been illegally tapped, creating a hazardous situation, according to the company.

On Aug. 6, a meter reader at the restaurant detected the smell of gas and reported it, said Consolidated Edison spokesman Allan Drury. A gas crew dispatched to the site found multiple leaks in a gas line that had been tapped, Drury said, adding that the restaurant was the only customer in the building authorized to receive gas.

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Cleanse Your Colon With This Incredible Honey And Apple Cider Vinegar Elixir

Mar 5, 2015

Honey and apple cider vinegar alone are great for your health, but together are the one-two-knockout punch for high blood pressure. Both ingredients are high in potassium, which regulates the amount of sodium in your blood and normalizes blood pressure. They also contain magnesium, which reduces pressure on the walls of your blood vessels. Aside from cleansing your colon and lowering blood pressure, this also serves as an anti-aging elixir.




The Canadian tar sands industry has seen better days. Energy giant Statoil announced last week that it would postpone a major mining project in Alberta for at least three years. It was just the latest in a string of major setbacks for tar sands oil, which has become nearly as bad for corporate profits as it is for the environment.

Fresno deputy police chief is arrested in federal drug investigation

Cop arrested for drugs: The deputy police chief in Fresno is on administrative leave following his arrest on federal drug charges. “I really am at a loss for words, quite frankly, other than to say that as the police chief, I’m extremely shocked,” said Chief Jerry Dyer. Sacramento Bee

Voter turnout disparity was key in razor-thin O.C. supervisor race

Analyzing Orange County’s election: Mail-in ballots appear to have made the difference in a race for supervisor in Orange County that was decided by just 43 votes. In Santa Ana, an area that favored Lou Correa, 22% of absentee voters returned their ballots. That was in contrast to communities such as Little Saigon that favored Vietnamese-American Andrew Do. Do’s victory also highlighted the importance of on-the-ground, get-out-the-vote efforts. L.A. Times

Abusive And Jealous Husband Uses Superglue On Wife’s Vagina

A 40-year-old woman’s husband allegedly applied super glue to her vagina because he thought she was cheating on him.

The South African woman, whose name is being withheld to protect her privacy, said her husband had been abusive in the past.

“My husband was an abusive man for many years,” she told News24. “His abuse spiralled out of control when my uncle dropped me off at our home. He then accused me of cheating on him with my uncle. It was shocking because he knew my uncle well and even greeted him nicely when he dropped me off.”

The woman said that her husband yelled at her before declaring that he was going to teach her a lesson. At that point, he took out a machete and ordered her to undress and spread her legs.

There Are 80,000 Homeless Kids in New York City

Like his predecessor, Mayor Bill de Blasio promised to lower the staggering rate of homelessness in New York City. Unlike his predecessor, his strategy has not consisted of hectoring the homeless for their plight while cutting their access to housing programs.

White Pastor Kills Black Son-in-Law



Justice for my son: Christian Griggs
I urge you to thoroughly investigate the tragic killing of my son, the misconduct of the Harnett law enforcement and and District Attorney’s office, and bring the shooter, Pat Chisenhall, to justice.

Why is this important?

Pat Chisenhall brutally killed my son and no criminal charges have been brought against him. I truly believe that without strong public pressure, public officials will allow my son’s death to go barely investigated and unpunished. It’s been more than 14 months since Christian was killed, and due to cronyism and racial bias, law enforcement and the Harnett County District Attorney have refused to hold my son’s killer accountable.

Super Soaker Creator Receives $72.9M in Unpaid Royalties From Hasbro

The Atlanta-based company behind the Super Soaker water gun and Nerf toy guns has been awarded nearly $73 million in royalties from toymaker Hasbro Inc., according to the law firm King & Spalding.

Johnson Research and Development Co. and founder Lonnie Johnson have been in a royalty dispute with Hasbro since February, when the company filed a claim against the giant toy company. According to King & Spalding, which along with the A. Leigh Baier P.C. law firm represented Johnson, Hasbro underpaid royalties for the Nerf line toys from 2007 to 2012.

A lawyer in Austin, Texas has admitted to putting ‘exclusively for white people’ stickers on stores

adam reposaScreengrab/YoutubeAdam Reposa explains why he posted the stickers on Austin storefronts in a YouTube video entitled “Why I Did It.”

An activist lawyer in Austin admitted in a Facebook rant that he was behind

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Lawyers Paul Kubosh and Randall Kallinen have won a major victory in a six year and counting legal battle which started when the City would not reveal documents regarding the effectiveness of its red light camera program.   In Randall Kallinen and Paul Kubosh v. The City of Houston the Texas Supreme Court soundly rejected the City’s legal argument which could have greatly hindered the People’s right to obtain public documents through the Texas Public Information Act.  See attached opinion.        

“€œIn this case, the Texas Supreme Court recognized that Harris County District Judge Carolyn Baker had jurisdiction to enter her judgment awarding attorneys’€™ fees to Randall Kallinen and Paul Kubosh and reversed the Court of Appeals’€™ dismissal of Randall Kallinen’€™s and Paul Kubosh’€™s lawsuit,”€ counsel David Furlow observed.  

The Texas Supreme Court enforced the Public Information Act’€™s statutory language declaring that, €”Under the fundamental philosophy of the American constitutional form of representative government that adheres to the principle that government is the servant and not the master of the people, it is the policy of this state that each person is entitled, unless otherwise expressly provided by law, at all times to complete information about the affairs of government and the official acts of public officials and employees.” 

“€œThe people, in delegating authority, do not give their public servants the right to decide what is good for the people to know and what is not good for them to know.  The people insist on remaining informed so that they may retain control over the instruments they have created.”€ 

“We are glad the Texas Supreme Court vindicated our right to get these public documents.” said plaintiff and lawyer Paul Kubosh.  

“The open records laws triumphed and the City’s attempt to weaken the People’s right to view these public documents directly related to public safety failed.” said plaintiff and civil rights attorney Randall Kallinen. 

“€œRegardless of how you feel about the City’€™s red light camera program, the City’€™s long running interpretation of the Public Information Act was expressly targeted to keep citizens from accessing the information necessary for public participation in a representative democracy,”€ said lead attorney Joe Larsen.  “€œThrough Kubosh€’s and Kallinen’€™s advocacy and persistence, and the Texas Supreme Court’€™s strong opinion, the rights of every Texan have been vindicated.€”


Paul Kubosh: 2818500171; 

Randall Kallinen: 713.320.3785;

Joseph Larsen: 832.426.7020; 

David Furlow: 713.202.3931;

Behind the Rhetoric of Parental Empowerment: “Parent Trigger” Agenda Revealed

Parent trigger” legislation filed in the Texas legislature this session is billed as parental empowerment, authorizing a majority of parents at a school deemed low-performing for two years to force wholesale removal of faculty and staff, turn it over to private management, or close it. However, when the Senate version of the bill, SB 14 by Republican Sen. Larry Taylor of Friendswood, came up for a hearing Thursday evening in the Senate Education Committee, the hollowness of this “empowerment” rhetoric was revealed.

Megyn Kelly Schools Radio Host On Grand Jury Process

“Who are you to second guess them?”

Radio host Richard Fowler provided a live report from Ferguson Monday night on Fox News Channel’s The Kelly File when he blamed the grand jury process for not giving Michael Brown justice.

There’s no question that this situation has de-stabilized very, very quickly here in Ferguson, Missouri.  But the truth of the matter is that across this country there’s a lot of people that are very angry about this and that this grand jury did not come down with an indictment tonight.  And that caused this anger no matter what side of this you’re on.

Fowler claimed that there are two sides to the story that should have been heard by a “real” jury and a “real” trial:


Forget beaches and bikinis, these young people are headed for Ferguson this spring brea


Forget beaches and bikinis, these young people are headed for Ferguson this spring break

For many people, Ferguson has become a symbol of what’s wrong with our criminal justice system. But now, some young people want to turn Ferguson into a reminder of what’s right with the new generation of Americans.
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