HCSO: Funeral Arrangements for Deputy Darren Goforth

HCSO: Funeral Arrangements for Deputy Darren Goforth

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HARRIS COUNTY, TX – Funeral arrangements for Deputy Darren Goforth are as follows:


Viewing: 10:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Service: 11:00 AM
Second Baptist Church, 6400 Woodway Drive, Houston, TX 77057

INTERMENT:  Woodlawn Cemetery, 8010 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024

Your Bags will be Searched for Guns at the Regal Cinemas

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In light of recent fatal theater shootings, Regal Entertainment Group has quietly instituted a safety policy they’re hoping their customers will understand and ultimately appreciate:

Movie theater chain Regal Entertainment Group has begun to check bags in response to shootings at theaters around the country, a procedure it acknowledged on its website was “not without flaws” and would inconvenience guests but provide better security.

Some locations have started posting signs informing theatergoers of the change, like this theater in Denver, CO:




As many working adults in the city of Houston prepared for a lovely and well-earned weekend, one Deputy in the Harris County Sheriff’s Department left his family and hit the streets to keep all of us safe.

But sadly for Deputy Darren Goforth, he would never return home.  As NBC News reports, the officer was tragically slain Friday night not in a dangerous crime scene, but simply while pumping gas in his uniform…

OPEN HOUSE 2015: An evening in support of Homeless Gay Kids

OPEN HOUSE 2015: An evening in support of Homeless Gay Kids – Houston, sponsored by EPAH, The Diana Foundation and Outreach United

Date and Time: September 26, 2015 at 6:30 – 10:30PM
Address: Winlow Place (Woodhead and West Alabama)

Please help us provide much needed basic needs and services to homeless gay kids! Join us at the upcoming OPEN HOUSE 2015. EPAH, The Diana Foundation, and Outreach United have partnered to raise money for our new drop-in center in a very special evening benefitting the kids.

Rail Safety Community Meeting

State Senator Sylvia R. Garcia and  Congressman Gene Green

Rail Safety Community Meeting

Chemical Tanker

Come and have your voice heard! 

If you deal with trains stopped in your neighborhood for hours, trains blocking the entrances and exits of your community, trains making loud noises, dangerous railroad crossings, or you’re concerned about trains carrying volatile and explosive chemicals through your neighborhood, come participate in this important meeting with your elected officials.

Monday, August 31st, 2015
6:30pm – 7:30pm

Magnolia Multi-Service Center
7037 Capitol St, Houston, TX, 77011

Join Congressman Gene Green, Senator Sylvia Garcia, and industry experts for a community meeting to discuss improving rail safety in urban areas.

If you would like more information, please contact Isabel Longoria at 713-923-7575 or Isabel.Longoria@senate.state.tx.us

HCSO: Suspect arrested, charged in shooting death of sheriff’s deputy

Sheriff Hickman: Cops’ lives matter too

Author: Nakia Cooper, Sr. Web Editor
Jonathan Martinez, Anchor/Reporter, jmartinez@kprc.com
Jennifer Bauer, Reporter, jbauer@kprc.com
Published On: Aug 28 2015 08:46:38 PM CDT

Shannon Miles accused of fatally shooting sheriff’s deputy Goforth

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas –The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has announced the charging and arrest of a suspect in a fatal shooting of a sheriff’s deputy.

Officials said at a press conference Saturday that the shooter’s name is Shannon. J Miles, 30. Miles was voluntarily taken into custody as a person of interest Saturday morning.

What is a Morph City?

JP Morgan - white logo

Morph City

MIT’s Kent Larson is reimagining how we’ll live in denser cities of the future – getting more use out of less space with smarter vehicles and apartments that transform themselves throughout the day.

08/24/15, 05:35 PM EDT

As the labor market changes, Congress is nowhere to be found


Thursday afternoon the National Labor Relations Board handed down a long-awaited decision that could affect millions of people in the American workforce: Workers at franchise operations like McDonald’s and Subway can consider the parent company a “joint employer,” and collectively bargain with the bigger company along with whoever owns the franchise.

Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy gunned down in the line of duty tonight.

Our prayers go out to the family of the Harris County Sheriff’s Deputy that was gunned down tonight.

Our law enforcement officials make the ultimate sacrifice too often.

Pray for all of our 1st responders and law enforcement officials.

Carroll G. Robinson

Kangaroo court in Waco: No reason needed to arrest packing pastor with CCL


Gun ownership is on trial in Waco, so why aren’t the NRA and all the open-carry advocates going nuts over what’s happening regarding prosecutions from the the Twin Peaks biker massacre?

In McLennan County, visiting Judge James Morgan ruled after an examining trial that there was sufficient cause to have arrested a 65-year old concealed carry permit holder who wasn’t wearing a biker cut but a Christian t-shirt (he’s chaplain to the Bandidos and two veterans groups) because he was carrying legal personal weapons. The judge declared there was probable cause to support an arrest even though no police “officer could offer evidence that Yager conspired to commit murder, assault or any crime that day” Like everyone else arrested that day, Yager’s bail was initially set at $1 million.

How Illegal Pot Growers are Destroying California’s Ecosystems, and the One Simple Solution

By Justin Gardner on August 26, 2015

image: http://tftppull.freethoughtllc.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/How-Illegal-Pot-Growers-are-Destroying-Californias-Ecosystems-and-the-One-Simple-Solution.jpg

How-Illegal-Pot-Growers-are-Destroying-California's-Ecosystems,-and-the-One-Simple-SolutionOver the past year, there has been increased attention on an unfortunate side-effect of the growing demand for cannabis.  With demand comes supply, and that supply is threatening already fragile ecosystems in northern California.
Read more at http://thefreethoughtproject.com/marijuana-cultivation-hurting-californias-ecosystems-simple-answer/#KbmriLYZgxBxdfbA.99

10-Years After Katrina and 5-Years After a Drainage Fee Election, Where are We Now?

Vote for Carroll G. Robinson, Controller, City of Houston
Vote for Carroll G. Robinson, Controller, City of Houston

Ten years after Katrina and five years after the city’s Drainage Fee election, Houston is still not fully prepared for an Hurricane.

We still need more public education on sheltering in place versus evacuation, routes and destinations.

We need a plan that goes beyond just a discuss on an Ike Dike to building high and dry routes, using Metro buses to evacuate or relocating senior citizens and those without a vehicle of their own. Arrangements for drivers’ families nuts be made now.

The recent flooding on Bray’s Bayou made clear that we still need to focus on equipment, training, command and control and communication and coordination among local public safety agencies.

We need to expand and enhance our public safety camera infrastructure network like Chicago has done to help not only prevent crime and illegal dumping but to also help ensure public safety during a natural or man made disaster.

We have to fix the potholes in our streets and much more.

CGR 2015 Campaign logo


Did Black lives ever matter to the Democrats?

Elizabeth Schulte recounts some important lessons of history about the Democratic Party and the struggle against racism and injustice.

Hillary Clinton (Karen Murphy)Hillary Clinton (Karen Murphy)

PROTESTS AGAINST racist police murder–from Mike Brown in Missouri a year ago to Sandra Bland in Texas just weeks ago–have helped sound the alarm about the systematic abuse and violence that Black Americans face at the hands of law enforcement on a day-to-day basis.

But not everyone has been listening.

Bernie Sanders, the self-identified socialist senator from Vermont and candidate for the Democratic Party presidential nomination, demonstrated as much at the liberal Netroots Nation conference, a showcase for progressive Democrats held in Phoenix in July.

Donald Trump’s growing pains


Donald Trump’s growing pains

imageBy BEN SCHRECKINGER | 08/25/2015 05:10 AM EDT

Donald Trump’s candidacy is trying to get real. Having proven the durability of his lead in the polls, Trump’s political organization is now working to put together a ready-for-prime-time operation that can withstand the rigors of a campaign waged beyond t…


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Proposal to rename Prairie View A&M thoroughfare ‘Sandy Bland Parkway’

HOU Staff, KHOU.com10:58 a.m. CDT August 21, 2015


PRAIRIE VIEW, Texas – Prairie View students will join with family and friends of Sandra Bland in a “Walk of Solidarity” next week.

On August 25 at 4:27 p.m., walkers will meet at the City of Prairie View’s City Hall, where the council will vote on a measure to rename the main thoroughfare leading to Prairie View A&M University, Sandy Bland Parkway.

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