Here Is the Audio of LA Clippers Owner Donald Sterling’s Deeply Insane Racist Rant


| Sat Apr. 26, 2014 11:31 AM PDT
Donald Sterling is an awful racist. This is a well-established fact. However, up until Friday he was most famous not for being an awful racist, but for being an awful NBA owner. That all changed last night when TMZ published audio of the Ciippers owner telling his girlfriend not to post photos of her and Magic Johnson to Instagram because Magic Johnson is black.

Donald Sterling owns the best NBA team in the second largest city in America in 2014.

Yeah, racism is totally dead.


New Redistricting Lawsuit Would Tilt State Senate In Favor of White Voters

by  Published on Tuesday, April 22, 2014, at 4:48 CST

Texas Senate Districts

Texas Almanac

A new redistricting lawsuit filed by a national conservative group aims to make sweeping changes to the way Texas does politics, effectively diminishing the representation of non-white voters in the Texas Senate. It’s a bold effort, and while it might not win success this election cycle, Texas election law expert Michael Li says it could prove to be an important “test case” that foreshadows “one of the coming battles we’ll see in the next redistricting cycle.”

The lawsuit was filed yesterday in U.S. District Court in Austin by the Project on Fair Representation, a one-man outfit based in Virginia that’s scored a number of high-profile legal victories in recent years, including asuccessful effort to strip a key provision of the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The suit seeks to overturn the longstanding method by which the Texas Legislature draws state senate districts. Texas, like all other states, draws districts that contain the same total population, using the last available round of census data. After the 2010 census, the Legislature aimed to draw 31 districts

Missouri legislature will begin impeachment proceedings against governor

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon (D) (Orlin Wagner/ AP)

UPDATE, 3:40 p.m.: Wednesday’s hearing lasted about an hour and will reconvene next week, The Kansas City Star reports.

A Missouri state House committee will hold hearings Wednesday into three proposed articles of impeachment against Gov. Jay Nixon (D), whom some Republicans say has committed offenses worthy of being removed from office.

Possibility of GOP taking over Senate has Republican immigration reform supporters scared

U.S. Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) (C) is flanked by Senator John Thune (R-SD) (L) and Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) (R) as he addresses reporters at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, February 4, 2014.  REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst    (UNITED STATES - Tags: POLITICS) - RTX1880M

GOP immigration reform supporters want action now because
they’re afraid of what might happen if these guys win.

At the end of a Wall Street Journal report on how House Speaker John Boehner and other top House Republicans are privately telling campaign donors who support immigration reform that they still believe it can happen in 2014 comes this amazing passage explaining why some Republicans believe it’s important to take action this year instead of waiting until 2015 or beyond:

Fox’s Dana Perino Calls President Obama a Jerk

Dana Perino on Fox News’ The Five:

“We’re getting our makeup done and we’re watching, and I’m like, you know what, the President’s got some good news, got some good numbers, and then I just lost it, with anger. I just don’t understand why he can’t help himself to just lead and say I have some good news to share with you America – I’d like to take your questions. And just leave it at that. Then people wouldn’t say, ‘why is he such a jerk all the time?'”…

 This is how you know you are winning – either Mark Halperin calls you a dick, or Dubya’s former press secretary calls you a jerk.

Surprise: Tons of Democrats Took Money From Koch Industries

Daniel Doherty

Nancy Pelosi Reminds Voters That She Thinks Republicans Are Racist

Nancy Pelosi Reminds Voters That She Thinks Republicans Are Racist

By Andrew Scot Bolsinger As the campaign cycle starts to heat up for November’s mid-term elections, Democratic Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., is reminding voters who is holding up immigration reform and offering her reason as to why. The culprits are obvious in Pelosi’s mind: The Grand Old Party of Republicans. But the reason? “I […]

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Founding Member of the Congressional Black Caucus Says Republicans’ Opposition Is Racially Motivated

Founding Member of the Congressional Black Caucus Says Republicans’ Opposition Is Racially Motivated

Reported By Liku Zelleke Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) doesn’t hold back when speaking his mind and he has some truly strong opinions on most issues. During an appearance on MSNBC on Thursday, he was asked what his thoughts were regarding the comments Attorney General Eric Holder made before an audience at the National Action Network convention. […]

One Sentence That Could Help End The Death Penalty In America


Dennis McGuire struggled, choked, and gasped for air before he finally died, as his adult children watched on in horror. The state of Ohio used a never-before-used mix of drugs to kill him, and he appeared to slowly suffocate to death. Witnesses said the process took about 25 minutes, making it the longest execution since the state reinstituted capital punishment 15 years ago.

This is why GOP can kiss women’s vote goodbye

attribution: None Specified

Morning Joe tackled the issue of equal pay for women today.It turns out that Joe Scarborough did the right thing by his cohost Mika Brzezinski. As Mika recounts it, he told her what he made. He backed her up when she went to management to get it taken care of. And her “progressive boss” ensured she was compensated appropriately. Of course one wonders how progressive her boss could be if she had to go to him for equal pay after the fact.

National Commission on Voting Rights Texas State Hearing

Rahwa Andemichael
Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law
Goodwille Pierre
National Bar Association
(832) 224-6539

WASHINGTON, D.C.– The National Commission on Voting Rights, organized by the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (Lawyers’ Committee), and the supporting organizations listed below, is holding a hearing in Houston for voters, activists, elections officials and all with a stake in Texas elections. The Houston event is the fourteenth of a series of nationwide hearings being held to collect testimony on the current landscape of voting and elections in the U.S. Over the past few years, numerous states have enacted restrictive voting laws, while many others continue to grapple with recurring election administration and electoral reform challenges.

A panel of Texas voting rights leaders will be receiving testimony on a range of topics, including:  voting changes, voter registration, voter ID, election administration (e.g., provisional ballots, polling location issues, and method of elections), voting discrimination, student voting issues, language access, and access to the ballot for individuals with disabilities, and communities of color.

WHAT: National Commission on Voting Rights, Texas State Hearing

Panels – There will be formal panels of witnesses representing voting rights organizations, community leaders, and other stakeholders. Witnesses are encouraged to submit written testimony in advance of the hearing. The panel of commissioners will also receive the testimony orally and may ask follow up questions.

Open Public Testimony – There will be an opportunity during the event for Texas voters to testify about their experiences. To register in advance, please click here.

WHEN:  Saturday, April 5, 2014, 10:00-2:00 p.m. (registration starts at 9:30 p.m.)

WHERE: Thurgood Marshall School of Law Courtroom – Texas Southern University, 3100 Cleburne Street, Houston, Texas 77004 (The law school is on the corner of Wheeler & Sampson).

Texas Hearing Commissioners:

  • Gary Bledsoe, President, Texas NAACP & National Board Member
  • Deborah Chen, Esq., National Treasurer and Board Member, Organization of Chinese Americans – Greater Houston Chapter
  • Craig L. Jackson, Esq., Professor of Law, Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law

Supporting Organizations:
100 Black Men of America, Houston Metropolitan Chapter, Inc. • Austin Black Lawyers Association • Earl Carl Institute for Legal and Social Policy, Inc. • Houston Area Urban League, Inc. • J.L. Turner Legal Association • Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law • NAACP Houston Branch • NAACP Legal Defense and Educational Fund, Inc. • NAACP Region VI • National Bar Association • OCA Greater Houston Chapter • Texas Southern University – Thurgood Marshall School of Law • Texas State Conference of the NAACP

The National Commission on Voting Rights, organized by the Lawyers’ Committee on behalf of the civil rights community, is holding hearings across the country to gather testimony about voting rights and election administration problems and opportunities. The testimony gathered at the hearings will be consolidated into two reports to be shared with Congress, advocates and state activists interested in advancing voting rights. For more information about the National Commission on Voting Rights, please visit





It was a sunny day in Dallas; the autumn was mild and the crowd gathered in the street cheering the Presidential motorcade through downtown Dallas. However this perfect day soon became one of the darkest days in American history. At 12h30 a lonely shooter fired accurately at the convoy hitting lethally the 35th American President.

American society always had a fascination towards the Kennedy’s; they saw in them a kind of an American royal family, so when John Fitzgerald Kennedy was elected as President, the nation rejoiced. John F Kennedy was young, rich, powerful, handsome and well married to the gracious Jacqueline. A perfect Presidential couple, for a not so perfect America.

The mafia was at its best, working along with the government against communism. The Vietnam war was at its beginning, driving the United States towards a conflict they didn’t want, at least from JFK’s side, but…

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Museum Exhibit Highlights Artifacts Surrounding JFK’s Assassination

CBS Detroit

DEARBORN (WWJ) – They came by the hundreds to Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn — filing past the Presidential limousine in which President John F. Kennedy was assassinated on November 22, 1963.


Lynn Anderson of Clinton Township came dressed in a light pink suit, gloves and pill-box hat; a style popularized by former first lady Jacqueline Kennedy.

This is my tribute to a really great lady Anderson said. She had to endure quite a bit …

“What she had to endure that day was so monumental, so tragic. I can’t blame the woman for taking it to her grave. She had a chance to do a tell-all. She could have done all the secrets. She did not. She was courtesy and grace to the end. Very gracious and never, ever revealed it,” said Anderson.

Anderson was at school in Kentucky the day President Kennedy was shot.

It wasn’t until…

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