Easily Recover Permanently or Accidentally Deleted Files

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Deleting the unwanted files is the good habit and eventually that will help youUndelete_4 to run your computer smoothly. If you delete your most important file mistakenly, and want it badly at any cost, since there is a restore option in the Recycle Bin will help you to restore your file.There is plenty of Recovery tools out there to recover your files, but here I’ve brought  you the KickAss Undelete portable Windows Freeware.


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Lawsuit: Mobile apps accessing users’ address books

Lawsuit: Mobile apps accessing users’ address books.

A class-action lawsuit filed this week in Austin alleges that makers of some of the world’s most popular mobile apps routinely steal address book data such as names, phone numbers, email addresses, job titles and even birthdays from millions of users without their knowledge or consent