Moffitt’s Poll Watching Corner

Election Integrity Restored
by Jill Moffitt

Election Integrity Upheld Jill Rowlands Moffitt Presiding Judge for Harris County Central Counting Station Fair Elections Chair for Harris County Democratic Party   All elections must provide an assurance of integrity that can withstand sound scientific standards and acceptable accurate accounting. Harris County Democratic Party Chairman Lane Lewis, provided his appointed election team with the necessary tools and essential support regarding the election integrity. When his team challenged certain faulty procedures and conduct by the election department, Chairman Lewis, with passionate pursuit and assertive advocacy, supported critical requests by his team which culminated into a corrective process with quantifiable results that can stand up to scrutiny. Ironically, the Republican Party experienced the same problems however they are still not providing their own team with advocacy. The Republicans are sitting on the sidelines while Chairman Lewis fights diligently for justice for all the candidates affected but specifically for all of the Democratic candidates.

Included in Chairman Lewis’ appointed team we have respected veteran officials like John Behrman who is Chair of the Ballot Board who have mentored numerous people including myself-Jill Moffitt, Calvin Wilson, Mary Lucky, and Bill Pesota to provide essential oversight along with numerous other dedicated champions of oversight on the Ballot Board. I, in turn am now using this training along with several years of experience as Presiding Judge of Central Counting in partnership with John Behrman to hold the Harris County Clerk’s office to certain standards. .

We all know that the national government sets election protocol standards and the state government is obligated to enforce standards and has the option to providing additional standards and the County is obligated to take these standards from theory to practical application. Before election day, the cooperating entities who order the election set perimeters of specific elections and the accompanying ballots. Again, when the county agrees to take these perimeters of such requests and accomplish the specific commitment. This fiduciary contract comes with built in controls which encompasses testing the equipment, testing the software, and testing the ballot styles that dictates who gets to vote for a certain candidate, bond or resolution.

The average voter doesn’t see all the work that Precinct Chairs do at the precinct to encourage them to get to the polls. The average voter doesn’t see all the incredible negotiating, diligent hard work and amazing arm wrestling that Party officials like Lane Lewis, Claudette Johnson, Carol Wheeler and numerous others do to prepare for the election.

All this preparation depends upon candidates to declare and complete all necessary steps in an allotted timeframe to get elected also that which the average voter doesn’t see. All of this depends on the election department’s ability prepare for the election and several bipartisan boards to oversee this preparation and execution. All of this depends on Election judges and workers to see that every registered voter is respected and served effectively and efficiently at the polls. Then all of this finally depends upon another level of oversight to ensure that each legitimate vote is counted. When a break down in any of this occurs, there are still even more controls that we depend upon to enforce all participants in the election process honor their fiduciary responsibility. There are numerous areas where concerned Democrats can participate in this process by volunteering to help either at the polls, register voters or fill a variety other positions for this important and tide turning election in the Fall.

Together. Lane Lewis, John Behrman, myself and our entire team succeeded with upholding our own election responsibilities and holding the Election Department accountable to an inspection and corrections that place integrity first. We focused on insuring that fiduciary obligations were met to get results that can withstand scrutiny. We now have accurate results that standup to election law, scientific standards and sound accounting principles. The Harris County Clerk still has more explaining to do and has to honor numerous requests regarding necessary areas requiring investigation in order to prevent this from occurring in the Fall. As a result we all will be on full alert and demanding improved protocols to avoid any future errors. During this election season, we all worked hard to successfully honor an obligation of assurance with accuracy and integrity that we, on the Central Counting Station and Ballot Board, have made to the candidates, to the Democratic Party officials, and to you.

Jill Rowlands Moffitt Presiding Judge for Harris County Central Counting Station Fair Elections Chair for Harris County Democratic Party 713-728-4912
Turn Harris County Blue!

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